Thunder Hero Cake Set

Thor Hero Cake Set: A Marvelous Delight for Superhero Fans

Experience the electrifying power of the Thor Hero Cake Set, a heroic treat that captures the essence of Asgard! This set includes a magnificent Thor-themed cake accompanied by six meticulously crafted cupcakes. The cake boasts moist vanilla layers infused with thunderous flavors, complemented by a delectable caramel cream filling. Adorned with Thor's iconic emblem and mighty hammer, the cupcakes showcase the awe-inspiring might of the God of Thunder. Unleash your inner hero and indulge in the epic taste of the Thor Hero Cake Set, an ideal centerpiece for birthdays and superhero-themed celebrations. Order now and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

 Cakes comes with free plastic knife and one candle.


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