Kerropi Pinata Cake

The Keroppi Pi–ata Cake is a popular cake design inspired by the beloved Sanrio character, Keroppi. This cake typically features a two or three-layered sponge cake that is covered in green fondant icing to represent Keroppi's skin. The cake is then decorated with various edible decorations to showcase Keroppi's distinct features, such as his big eyes, pink cheeks, and smiling mouth. The cake can also be adorned with edible figurines of Keroppi or other themed decorations, such as lily pads, dragonflies, or candies. What makes this cake special is that it also doubles as a pi–ata. The top layer of the cake is filled with candy or other treats, and covered with a thin layer of fondant icing to hide the surprise. When the pi–ata cake is cut, the candy spills out, delighting everyone with the unexpected treats. The Keroppi Pi–ata Cake is perfect for any young child's birthday party or for anyone who loves this cute and cheerful character. It's not only visually stunning but also fun and interactive, providing a unique and memorable dessert experience. Order this cake today and surprise your loved ones with a creative and playful dessert that will bring joy and excitement to any celebration or party.


Cakes comes with free plastic knife and one candle.

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