Sweet Crown Cake

A Chanel cake is a dessert that is designed to resemble a Chanel handbag or other Chanel accessory. It is typically made from layers of cake and frosting and is decorated with fondant or icing to mimic the iconic black and white color scheme and signature interlocking "CC" pattern of a Chanel bag. The cake may be shaped like a traditional handbag or may be sculpted to resemble a specific style of Chanel bag, such as the Classic Flap or Boy Bag. Chanel cakes are popular for special occasions, such as birthdays and fashion-themed events, and are often made by professional bakers or pastry chefs. They may be customized with a personal message or initials, and can be paired with other luxury-themed desserts, such as macarons or champagne.


Cakes comes with free plastic knife and one candle.

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Category: Adult Cake, all, luxury

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